Add ons

E.P.O.S. will be adapted to your business and office workflow.
Additional to the base product you can buy the following Add ons:

  • Group management
  • Quotes
  • Open balance
  • Project management
  • Equipment and staff diary
  • Permits
  • Subcontractor orders
  • Statistics
  • Staff working hours
  • Garage / workshop management
  • Salesman accounting
  • Layout-Designer
  • KranXpert Lift planner
IDMS (integrated Document Management System)
With this add on, you can attach to every activity (quotes, jobs and invoices) in E.P.O.S. a various number of documents and pictures. E.g. Pictures from a site inspection or freight lists or ground plans from your customer. These files are accessible for everyone at any time. Drag&Drop to insert new documents. Sending the files as email attachments. Searching and recovering old document in an overview mask.

Further Add ons are already in the developing phase.